Dufyken Welcoming Ceremony

The Nyungar (People of Many Breasts) of south-west Western Australia are divided into 15 clan groups with 14 language dialects. Although differing clans, we are a united group of people who share the Wirin Boodja (Spirit of the Land).

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The Yelakitj Moort Nyungar Association is an Australian Indigenous Organisation, made up of members of the Nyungar people who are the traditional, recognised people of the south west of Western Australia.

Yelakitj Moort Nyungars provide integrated services in:

  • Heritage & Culture
  • Community Development
  • Land Care
  • Environment
Dancer - Nih - tool making
The Yelakitj Moort Nyungar Association is named after William Thomas Bennell, whose Nyungar name was Yelakitj - "Man of Good Hearing". Yelakitj was the story teller - he was the minder of the Nyungar story. His stories are recorded in oral history, video and book. We are his direct descendants...

Please feel free to contact us if you require information about any of our services, workshops or activities. We can tailor all our outdoor activties to suit your individual or group requirements.

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